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There will be no leisure skate this evening, from 6pm-7:30pm.

Please join us Friday night! 6-7:30pm!

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Leisure skate at the MAC tonight! A little dance time in the center never hurt anyone!

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2016 Team MAC float!

2016 Team MAC float!

Come join the MAC CENTER for our 2nd Annual Bear Paw parade float! Are you a figure skater, hockey player, speed skater, learn to skate student, or a friend of the MAC? Well, this is the event for you! Come be a part of our "cooooool paradise' float as we party our way through downtown Eagle River, handing out candy and skating information, waving our American flags, and having a blast! Following the parade, join your family and friends for the rest of the festival!

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Parents! Are the kids driving you mad being trapped inside on these rainy days? The MAC is here to help! Take some much needed time for yourself and send them all to us for evening leisure skate! 6:00pm-7:30pm on Monday, Wednesday and Friday night!
See you tonight!

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$1.00 skate night is hot tonight!!! A little stuffed animal hockey contest happening!

Jun 15th 6:28pm • 1 Comment

Leisure skate at the Mac!!!!!!! Time to limmmmmmmbooooo!!!! Join us this Wednesday night for $1.00 leisure skate!

Jun 13th 6:37pm • 1 Comment

Attention all skaters and families of Eagle River and beyond!


That's right, everyone! $1.00 to get in and $1.00 to rent skates (if needed)! Where else can you take the family for an active, fun-filled evening for that price???

So, grab your family and friends and get out to the MAC for some COOL summer fun! Music, games and MAC instructors all included!

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New studded shoes on the Zam!! No more skidding around corners!Photo bomb by Lola.

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Introducing... the "MAC MOVE OF THE WEEK!' Look no further than to the Harry J. McDonald Memorial Center for educational and entertaining tips of the trade! Whether it be figure skating, hockey, learn-to-skate or zamboni driving that grabs your attention, we have something for everyone! Brought to you by the MAC'S very own skaters, instructors and great management and maintenance staff. Let's skate!


The Ice Skating Institute's Freestyle 1 forward spiral. Ice Skating Institute - Skateisi


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Harry J. McDonald Memorial Center

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