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Kevin S

General Manager

Birthday: April 18


  • Certified Ice Rink Manager
  • USA Hockey Level 4 Coach

How long have you been on skates? I started skating at a young age but didn’t start playing hockey till I was 18.
Favorite part of the job: Growing and creating new programs and recreational opportunities for the community to enjoy. Interacting with our customers to ensure that have a great experience at the Mac.
Fun Fact: My hobbies include spending time outside with my wife and dogs and fly fishing
Favorite Sports Team: Boston Bruins

Kevin H

Office Manager

Birthday: October 14


  • Certified Rink Administrator

How long have you been on skates? I started skating when I was 9 years old.
Favorite part of the job: I like being around the rink, sports in general and being able to support the community at the rink. Giving back, to support the kids and family.
Fun Fact: Only person to take my skate off and try to stab someone.
Favorite Sports Team: Chicago Blackhawks


Skating Director

Birthday: November 10


  • ISI Gold Certified Judge
  • USFS
  • PSA professional member
  • 5 time U.S. National competitor
  • 3 time U.S. National medalist
  • USFS Quadruple Gold medalist in freestyle, figures, ice dance and moves in the field
  • ISI freestyle and figure 10

How long have you been on skates? Since the age of 5 years old, when I began skating in the tot program at the MAC!
Favorite part of the job: While I truly love all aspects of my job, I would have to say that the symbiotic relationship between skaters and their coaches/ choreographers is what brings me the most joy.
Fun Fact: I married my husband on the same playground we grew up playing on.
Favorite Sports Team: While I don’t follow basketball much anymore, I was a die hard Chicago Bulls fan throughout my entire youth. These days I enjoy watching, and following ultra trail running, choreography, and dance, and, of course, amazing figure skaters when they come along.


Lead Ice Technician

Birthday: April 27


  • US Ice Rink classes in Ice Making and Painting Technologies
  • Ice Maintenance and Equipment Operation.

How long have you been on skates? I learned to skate back in 1986.
Favorite part of the job: Watching our learn to skate participants growing up to win competitions, medals, and championships on the ice.
Fun Fact: I like to garden and fly fish.
Favorite Sports Team: Seattle Seahawks

Kenny H

Facility Operations and Ice Technician

Birthday: August 16
How long have you been on skates? I’ve only been on skates 10 times in my life. Not really my thing.
Favorite part of the job: Driving the Zamboni, obviously.